Brief info

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and relocated to San Diego in 2010 with my husband, Matt. After purchasing a home and having a child, I now think of San Diego as my home. The beautiful beaches and many tasty restaurants make San Diego the hands-down best city to live in. You may even call it America’s finest city!
I have always had a passion for event planning, and my first true love has always been food. Matt and I would go to restaurants and critique everything — the wait times, staff friendliness, prices, and food quality. We were discussing starting something of our own when it dawned on me: why not start something we are passionate about and love? I presented the idea of purchasing a food truck business centered around catering that would combine all our interests into one: event planning, customer service and, of course, our overwhelming love for food. We had often left restaurants saying what we would have done differently, and I thought it was time to implement our “we can do this better” mentality.
We discussed that Matt would work with the chef to create one-of-a-kind food concepts while I would handle working with the hosts to create their fantasies, whether it be a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding. When I am not working, I enjoy being a boy mom to a rambunctious child who thinks wrestling is the coolest thing ever (after Elmo, of course). Although I haven’t been able to stand up on a surf board more than five times, I still enjoy frequenting the local beaches. I also love hiking one of the many scenic trails. My favorite things include traveling, spending time with my family, and anything on Bravo (guilty).